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BA Result 2019 || Rajasthan University RESULT 2019
BA 1st Year Result 2019 (PDF All Universities)BA 2nd Year Result 2019 (Download All Universities)BA 3rd Year Result 2019 (Download PDF)
BSC 1st Year Result 2019 (All Universities)BSC 2nd Year Result 2019 (Download Now)BSC 3rd Year Result 2019 (Download Now)
BCOM 1st Year Result 2019(All Universities Updated)BCOM 2nd Year Result 2019 (Updated Complete University)BCOM 3rd Year Result 2019(Released – All Uni’s)
Avadh University Result 2019 (PDF Download)Uniraj Result 2019 (Download)VBSPU Result 2019 (Complete Listing)
BA 1st Year Time Table 2019 (PDF All Universities)BA 2nd Year Time Table 2019 (Download All Universities)BA 3rd Year Time Table 2019 (Download PDF)
B.Ed Result 2019 (BA BCOM BSC)B.Ed 1st Year Result 2019 (All Subjects)B.Ed 2nd Year Result 2019 (PDF NC/ Regular)

Gujarat University Time Table 2019 BA Bcom BSc @

Gujarat University Time Table 2019 For UG & PG Courses available to Download at BA,,,, LLB, LLM,, MA For all the Semesters.

Gujarat University BA BSC BCOM Exam Time Table 2019

Gujarat University have released the official Time Table for Post Graduate courses such as MA, M.Com, M.Ed, Master of Professional Arts, Diploma in yoga, MD Medicine, MDC, Master in Science (MS) and Various Other Courses. the Time Table has been provided for all the semesters for Ma Semester 1 to 4th. 4th Semester and it was released on 12th and 13th April 2019 Respectively.  Gujarat Uni. is one of the Biggest universities in India. There are Lacs of Students Study Under this institution. The Gujarat University Time Table has been Released for Different Courses, Such as BA, Bcom, bsc, btech Bed, MSSB And Various Other Such Courses.

All the Sem Time Table has been announced. Candidates Who all wants to appear in the examination must follow the steps and download Time Table for examination for April May. Candidates Must Visit the official Website of GU and Get their List of Examination which are going to hapen this year.

Click Here: Download Gujarat University Time Table 2019

Courses Being Offered in the Campus/ University :-

  • Doctorate Courses
  • Post Graduate
  • Under Graduate
  • Diploma Courses
  • Certificate Courses
  • Study Abroad Programme Time Table 2019 Release Date

  • Org/Department Name: Gujarat University.
  • Name Of the Examination: Various Under Gradaute (BA,Bcom, BDS, Etc) And Post Gradaute (MA, M.Com, MDS, MBBS, LLM Etc).
  • Type of the Examination: Written College and Uni. Exam.
  • Duration of Exam: 3 Hour paper.
  • Dates of Exams: Various Dates Starts from April till May 2019.
  • Date of Time Table Announced: Not Yet Released.

How To Download Gujarat Uni. Date Sheet 2019

To Download Official Time Table/Time Table Released By The Gujarat university/Institution. Candidates/Students Are Requested to Follow Simple Steps. There Are 2 Different Ways to Download Gujarat University Time Table/Time Table 2019. 1st Way is To Download through Links Given Above For specific Course Or Exam. the Other Way is As Follows.

  • Scroll down the Website.
  • Find your Respective Gujarat University Time Table 2019.
  • If for Practicals, UG or PG Goto Specific Corner.
  • Click on the link for Semester Time Table download.
  • Download will starts automatically.

Check Previous Year Time Table

Gujarat University Time Table 2019

Gujarat University Time Table 2019

Practicals Time Table for Gujarat University 2019

Gujarat Uni. Time Table for Practicals For Under Graduates and Post Graduates Both. all the candidates wants to appear in the practical examination which are going to conduct by gujarat university in year 2019 must download the official Time Table for the uni. examinations. the Time Table for chemistry and Nursing program has been released officially. Time Table for Practical For BDS, MDS, MBBS, Homeopathy have been displayed below. candidates must download the official Gujarat University Time Table 2019 for Practical examinations.

Click This Button to Download Time Table

  • M.Sc Sem II Chemistry Practical Programme April 2019.
  • Practical Program FY M.Sc Nursing April 2019.
  • Practical Program MPT April 2019.
  • Practical Program M Optometry April 2019.
  • Practical Program SY M.Sc Nursing April 2019.
  • Practical Program Final_BDS_Jan_Feb_2019_Daman_Center.
  • Practical Program Final_BDS_Jan_Feb_2019_A’bad_Center.
  • Practical Prog_III_BDS_Jan_2019_Daman_Center.
  • Practical Prog_III_BDS_Jan_2019_A’bad_Center.
  • Practical Prog_II_MBBS_Jan__Feb_2019.
  • Practical Prog_II_BDS_Jan_2019_Daman_Center
  • Practical Prog_II_BDS_Jan_2019_A’bad_Center
  • UG & PG Internal Marks Paripatra 2019
  • Practical Prog_III_MBBS_Part_II_Jan_2019
  • Practical Prog_III_MBBS_Part_I_Jan_2019
  • Practical Prog_I_MBBS_Jan_2019
  • Practical Prog_DM_MCh_Jan_2019
  • Practical Prog_III_B_Homeopathy_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_III_B_Sc_Nursing_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_II_B_Homeopathy_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_II_B_Sc_Nursing_A’bad_Center_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog II B Sc Nursing Vadodara and Nadiad Center Feb 2019
  • Practical Prog_IV_B_Homeopathy_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_I_B_Homeopathy_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_I_B_Sc_Nursing_A’bad_Center_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog I B.Sc Nursing Vadodara and Nadiad Center Feb 2019
  • Practical Prog_Final_BPT_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_I_B_Optometry_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_I_BDS_A’bad_Center_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_I_BDS_Daman_Center_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_II_B_Optometry_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_III_B_Optometry_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_III_BPT_A’bad_Center_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_III_BPT_Vadodara_Limda_Center_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_I_BPT_A’bad_Center_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_I_BPT_Vadodara_Limda_Center_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_II_BPT_A’bad_Center_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_II_BPT_Vadodara_Limda_Center_Feb_2019
  • Practical Prog_IV_B_Sc_Nursing_Feb_2019
  • Practical Programme_I_Post_Basic_Nursing_Feb_2019
  • Practical Programme_II_Post_Basic_Nursing_Feb_2019

Gujarat University LLM and LLB Exam Time Table 2019

Gujarat University have released latest Time Table and Time Table for llm and Llb Examinations. The Time Table was released on various dates starting with llm which released on 4th January 2019. The Time Table for LLB Examination for 1st, 3rd and 5th Semester was released on 12th April 2019. All the Candidates are requested to Downlaod the official llb and LLm Examination Time Table from the given links below.

Gujarat University Time Table 2019
Gujarat University Time Table 2019Date of Release
LLB Sem-I 12-4-2019
LLB Sem-III12-4-2019
LLB Sem-V 12-4-2019
LLM Sem-I 4-1-016
LLM Sem-III 4-1-2019

Gujarat University Time Table 2019 (UG) BA,,

So Finally Revised Time Table for BA Semester 4th Has been Released on 12th April 2019. BBA, B.Sc and Bcom Semester 4th Time Table has also been released by the University on All The Requested Applicants Must Download DCCP, BPA, Physiotherapy, Bcom External, BCA All Semesters, B.Ed Sem 1 and 2 Both. Get Complete Details on Gujarat University examination Time Table For Under Graduate Courses 2019.

  • Revised_BA Sem-VI (Reg & Ext) 12-4-2019.
  • BA Sem-VI (Reg & Ext) 12-4-2019.
  • BBA Sem-VI 12-4-2019.
  • BCA Sem-VI 12-4-2019.
  • BCom Sem-VI (Reg & Ext) 12-4-2019.
  • BEd Sem-II (New) 12-4-2019.
  • BSc Sem-VI (FAD) 12-4-2019.
  • BSc Sem-VI (Fire & Safety) 12-4-2019.
  • BSc Sem-VI 12-4-2019.
  • DCCPC 12-4-2019.
  • DCCP-I 12-4-2019.
  • DCCP-II 12-4-2019.
  • DCEC 12-4-2019.
  • FY & TY Degree Drama 12-4-2019.
  • FY BPA (Perf Arts) 12-4-2019.
  • SY BPA (Perf Arts) 12-4-2019.
  • SY Degree Drama 12-4-2019.
  • TY BPA (Perf Arts) 12-4-2019.
  • M_Physiotherapy_1-4-2019.
  • FY_MSc_(Nursing)_1-4-2019.
  • SY_MSc_ (Nursing)_1-4-2019.
  • Exam Date Sem-2,4,6 March-April-2019.
  • 0173_Exam Date Annual Sys March-April-2019
  • 0174_B_Ed_Sem_II_Old_Lesson_Programme_January_2019
  • 0193_FIRST_BDS_27-1-2019
  • 0194_1st_&_2nd_B_Physiothe_25-1-2019
  • 0195_3rd_&_Final_B_Physioth_27-1-2019
  • 0196_1st_&_3rd_BSc_(Nursing)_27-1-2019
  • 0197_2nd_&_4th_BSc_(Nursing)_25-1-2019
  • 0198_FY_&_SY_Post_Basic_BSc_(Nursing)_25-1-2019
  • 0199_1st_&_2nd_B_Pros_&_Ortho_25-1-2019
  • 0200_3rd_&_4th_B_Pros_&_Ortho_25-1-2019
  • 0201_1st_&_2nd_B_Optom_27-1-2019
  • 0202_THIRD_ B_Optometry_27-1-2019
  • 0203_FY_B_Homoe_25-1-2019
  • 0204_SY_B_Homoe_25-1-2019
  • TY_B_Homoe_25-1-2019
  • Fourth_Year_B_Homoe_25-1-2019
  • S.Y. (BPA) Perf. Arts 04.1.16
  • MSW SEM.-I (Self Finance) 4.1.16
  • M.S.W. Sem.-III (Self finance ) 04.1.16
  • FY BPA Per Arts 4.1.16
  • B.Arch. sem.II,IV, VIII & X ( A.T.K.T.) 4.1.16
  • BA Sem-VI (Ext-only) 4-1-2019
  • BBA Sem-I 4-1-2019
  • BCA Sem-I 4-1-2019
  • BCom Sem-VI (Ext-only) 4-1-2019
  • BEd Sem-I (New) 4-1-2019
  • BEd Sem-II (Old)(Rep) 4-1-2019
  • BSc Sem-I 4-1-2019

Gujarat University Revised Time Table 2019

The Revised Time Table for April and may examinations have been released also. gujarat university has released final year and semester year Time Table (Revised) for B.Sc Nursing, BDS Revised Practical Time Table, Annual SVS March april exam. PGDFM, M.Sc, B.Ed Examination has been released for semester 1 and 2 both.

  • Revised FY & SY Post Basic BSc (Nursing) 25-1-2019 (Available Now)
  • Revised Practical Prog. II BDS Jan 2019 A’bad Center (Available Now)
  • Revised Exam Date Sem-2-4-6 April-May-16 (Available Now)
  • Revised Exam Date Annual Sys March-April-2019 (Available Now)
  • Revised B.Ed. Annual Lesson 2015 – 2019 (Available Now)
  • Revised Exam Date Sem-2-4-6 April-May-16 (Available Now)
  • Revised Exam Date Annual Sys March-April-2019 (Available Now)
  • Revised B.Ed. Annual Lesson 2015 – 2019 (Available Now)
  • Revised MSc Sem-I 26-12-2015 (Available Now)
  • Revised_PGDFM & I Sem- I & II 23-12-2015 (Available Now)

Gujarat University 2019 Exam Schedule B.A,, B.Sc

Serial no.CoursesDate of Release
Revised_BA Sem-V (Reg & Ext) 18-11-2019
18 Nov 2019.
BA Sem-III (Reg & Ext ) 1-12-2019 Revised
1 Dec 2019.
BA Sem-III (Reg & Ext ) 1-12-2019 Revised
1 Dec 2019.
B.A.SEMESTER V geography exam 2019
Dec, 2019.
BA Sem-5 Nov-2019 Geography Practical Exam Schedule
5th Nov 2019.
  • Regular

    BSc Sem-V (FAD) 18-11-2019

  • Regular

    BSc Sem-V (Fire & Safety) 18-11-2019


  • Regular

    Revised_BSc Sem-V (Reg) 18-11-2019


  • Regular

    BSc Sem-III 1-12-2019


  • Regular

    BSc Sem-III (FAD) 1-12-2019


  • Regular


    BSc Sem-I (FAD) 12-12-2019

  • Regular

    BCom Sem-V (Reg & Ext) 18-11-2019

  • Regular


    BCom Sem-III (Reg & Ext) 1-12-2019

MA Sem-III (Reg & Ext) 19-11-2019
19 Nov 2019.
19 Nov 2019.
MCom Sem-III (Reg & Ext)
BA BBA BCom LLB Sem-I (Inte)
BA BBA BCom LLB Sem-III (Inte)
BA BBA BCom LLB Sem-V (Inte)
MSc Clinical Research Sem-III

Official Website:

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