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Topics Covered through Costing FM Theory Notes – Financial Management

Meanings and Notes

  1.  Financial Management
  2. Profit Maximization vs Wealth Maximization
  3. Financing Decision
  4. Investment Decision
  5. Dividend Decision
  6. Responsibility of Finance manager
  7. Long term Financial Requirement
  8. medium term Financial Requirement
  9. Short- Term Financial Requirement
  10. Venture Capital Financing
  11. Lease Financing
  12. Finance Lease/Open Ended Lease
  13. Operating Lease/Close Ended Lease
  14. Debt securitization
  16. Global Depository Receipt
  17. American Depository Receipt (ADR)
  18. Bridge Finance
  19. Social Cost Benefits Analysis
  20. Seed Capital Assistance
  21. Commercial Paper
  22. Export packaging Credit
  23. Zero Coupon Bonds
  24. Inflation Bonds
  25. Floating Rate Bonds
  26. Secured Premium Notes
  27. External Commercial Borrowings (ECB)
  28. Indian Depository Receipt (IDR)
  29. Cash Credit
  30. Sale And Lease Back
  31. Permanent And temporary Working Capital
  32. Under Capitalization and Over-Trading
  33. Needs holding Cash
  34. Treasury Management
  35. Factoring
  36. How to Accelerate Cash collection Through Cheque Receipt ?
  37. Concentration Banking
  38. Lock-Box System
  39. Type of Float
  40. Investment In Marketable Securities
  41. Optimum Capital Structure
  42. market Value Vs Book – Value Weights
  43. Importance of Capital Budgeting Decision
  44. Consequences of inadequate Working Capital
  45. Consequences of Excess Working Capital
  46. Conservative Policy Regarding Investment in Current Assets
  47. Aggressive Policy Regarding Investment in Current Assets

Topics Covered throughCosting FM Theory Notes – Cost Accounting

cost accounting consist of 46 short notes of total 10 pages and financial management consist of 47 short notes of total 10 pages.

so there are only 20 pages of Costing FM Theory Notes to cover every topic of Costing Fm via these Costing FM Theory Notes .

So Now i am really tired to write all these points just download Costing FM Theory Notes to get complete marks in your theory sections again thanks

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