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Both Groups Vs Single Group – Pros & Cons

Both Groups Vs Single Group – Pros & Cons – CA Bhagwan LAL

The Video Below Both Groups Vs Single Group shows you don’t need to confuse yourself before choosing Both Groups Vs Single Group . you need to thing about so many factors like time, study, classes, cost etc…..

So just watch the video and Share your views below !!

Hi, The main resean we shared this video is, alot of people/candidates ask doubts regarding what should we do? should we appear in group 1 or both the groups ? should we appear for group 2 first ?. how to prepare and how to start the prepration ? which subject to start first or which subject is the toughest?

queries like these are generally asked by us in our forum. so clear all the doubts regarding it. we have shared the brilliant video which would clear all the doubts in your mind and you will have a fresh start . all the best !!

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