ICAI Manipulate CA Results : Student Scored 45 And Reduced to 32 May 2020

ICAI Manipulate CA Results CA Students Get Devistated After the Results and See around 8 to 10% of passing Percentage. Well Actually The Title is ICAI Manipulate CA Results. And that is True . It truly Does.

This is how ICAI Manipulate CA Results

This Student Rahul Gaur Scored 45 Marks in his ISCA Examination May 2015 And ICAI Cut it Down Directly to 32, Don’t Know Why. and  This Student on his Facebook Post Gave the Title ICAI Manipulate CA Results. And It is Right for him to Say that.

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Scored 45 in ISCA… reduce to 32 in May 2015visited ICAI examination department at Sec 1, Noida …. refused to meet & asked to file an RTI with ICAI

Applied for RTI wherein reply was given as per The Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988, which states that ICAI at its discretion can revise the marks of students to maintained standards of ICAI.

Appealed against the reply to know the factors to determine the standards of ICAI

During appeals at first appellant to Mrs Seema Gerotria Deputy Director , ICAI. On 29th Sep 2015.

ICAI representative had nothing in writing to support his answer, given on behalf of ICAI.. Just kept on repeating that SC has exempt. . Cannot disclose the facts , as per the ICAI’s policies..

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ICAI Manipulate CA Result

Source : Facebook

One of the interesting fact , I said that suggested answer at icai.org clearly proves that answer were correct but results have been manipulated.

He responded there is disclaimer those are just suggested. Then I said even as per CA modules & practice manual those answers were correct.

He said that examination department has no relevence to Board of studies modules. Our examiners check the answers independently as per policies.

SO which BOOKS Should we study for exams??????

Appellant concluded since these are beyond the RTI Act preview. Further discussion cannot be held. Advised to meet ICAI Secretary or President.

Met ICAI Secretary Mr V. Sagar, who was arrogant, said u need to accept the results no matter even if you are right.
Judgement has given and no revaluation can be done.
Lastly asked me leave the office because, he was busy with CA elections. He was very rude & behaved indecently. So u can understand why ICAI has poor management.

Waiting to Meet the President of ICAI soon ( as he was not available in the office). Mr. Harish his PA said. He will not in available in office till mid of OCT 2015.

Lastly everyone ICAI kept on repeating that focus on exams? When I asked if it happens again then what should do because u don’t have re valuations process.

If nothing happens, Please advise me .. what should I do ????

This Was the Post ICAI Manipulate CA Results Which Was shared By Rahul Gaur On His Facebook Profile. What you Guys Have to Say About this Thing ?
Do Comment your Views.

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  • Yogesh Pande cma USA 2017-09-15, 11:03 am

    The institute of chartered
    accounts of india is playing with further of students

  • Gowher 2017-07-21, 7:07 pm

    What was ur total score,were u passing if they gave u 45 or not.

  • Vqhq 2017-03-24, 10:37 pm

    Agree just complete aoemhow dnt giv up.nd make change .reach upto tht level

  • V.KAMALAKARA REDDY 2017-03-13, 6:43 pm

    The Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988, which states that ICAI at its discretion can revise the marks of students to maintained standards of ICAI.
    This particular rule clearly envisages that CA exams are not pass oriented by securing minimum marks, but it is a competitive examination. In that case, CA should remove the pass marks in each subject and in aggregate and declare that only top 10% of the students who stood in order of merit would qualify the exam.
    It is just like civil service exams. You need to clear prelims, mains and finally interview by standing in the order of merit. To do CA, you need to stand in merit for CPT, IPCC, Final.
    CA is a clear cut competitive exam. I suggest humbly that students should clear of the motive of CA even before thinking of joining CA course.

  • himanshu 2017-02-24, 12:26 am

    i too faced the same situation when i got my certified copies for ipcc nov. 2016 i found that marks are reduced in each and every question of mine. i would have passed the second if they allot me 35 marks out of 50 in actual which was reduced to 20 out of 50. please can anyone help me if there is any remedy for this mistreatment done by icai.

  • Yogesh 2016-09-20, 8:53 pm

    ICAI is just spoiling the future of youth. It’s examination committee should be punished with death sentence….and its president too.
    They are making money. I request SC to close ICAI.
    ICAI is the reason why CA students are committing sucide.they are just playing with the future of INDIA and students who are doing CA.
    Our youth is committing sucide due to ICAI.??

    • Arjun jain 2016-10-25, 1:13 am

      It’s nt east to close yaar..

  • Amitesh 2016-09-14, 12:12 am

    If all students marks are deducted with a fixed digit then it is fair but if only group of students suffer then it is unfair and student should choose other professional rather than damaging his precious life in taking multiple attempts.

  • Kartik Arora 2016-08-03, 8:49 am

    These recent IPC exams (May 2016) I got 194. They failed me on purpose in Accounts with a score of 39. I’ll definitely get my exams rechecked!

    • chanakya 2017-08-04, 3:55 pm

      Bro what happend??

  • Parvesh 2016-07-06, 9:00 pm

    In nov 15 exams my marks in ITSM was 47 in screen but actually i scored 43 when i got my certified copies of all three subjects and icai never manipulate such things these people are showing there frustration cz they are not able to clear there exams.

    • Yogeh 2016-09-20, 8:57 pm

      Parvez…..it has not been a injustice with u,that’s y u are saying that.
      If u don’t know anything,then please keep quite.

  • saurabh 2016-03-13, 5:05 am

    I am facing the problem of result withheld…totally hopeless….because it was not my fault…

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