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ICAI Website Guidelines Amendment

ICAI Website Guidelines Amendment, ICAI Website Guidelines Amendment Chartered Accountants Amendments for CA Students Applicable for CA Students by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Briefly Check What ICAI Website Guidelines Amendment Said and Do Share your Views Regarding these Amendments Below With Us.

ICAI Website Guidelines Amendment

ICAI Website Guidelines Amendment – It is hereby announced that the Council at its 345th Meeting held on 14th – 16th August, 2015 decided to amend the ICAI Website Guidelines, based on the recommendations of the Ethical Standards Board.

The amendment has been carried out between paras 6(ix) and (7) of the Website Guidelines, and is shown in bold hereunder:-

“6(ix) Nature of assignments handled (to be displayable only on specific “pull” request). Names of clients and fee charged cannot be given.

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Note: Disclosure of names of clients and/or fees charged, on the website is permissible only where it is required by a regulator, whether or not constituted under a statute, in India or outside India, provided that such disclosure is only to the extent of requirement of the regulator.

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Where such disclosure of names of clients and/or fees charged is made on the website, the member/ firm shall ensure that it is mentioned on the website [in italics], below such disclosure itself, that “This disclosure is in terms of the requirement of [name of the regulator] having jurisdiction in [name of the country/ area where such regulator has jurisdiction] vide [Rule/ Directive etc. under which the disclosure is required by the Regulator].

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(7) Since Chartered Accountants in practice/firms of Chartered Accountants are not permitted to use logo with effect from 1st July, 1998, they cannot use logo on Website also.”

icai website guidelines announcement

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