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Current Affairs 26th October 2015 MCQ – Daily GK Quiz

Current Affairs 26th October 2015 MCQ – Daily GK Quiz. Multiple Choice Questions has been Updated Below. Kindly See these MCQ’s and Comment the Correct in the Comment Box Below.

Current Affairs 26th October 2015 MCQ – Daily GK Quiz

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  1. Which of the following countries has partnered with Cinema Tourism Summit (CTS) 2015 to attract film tourism by showcasing the destination to Bollywood film producers?
    A. Mauritius
    B. Thailand
    C. Singapore
    D. Switzerland

    [su_spoiler title=”Answer” icon=”caret”]B. Thailand[/su_spoiler]
  2. Which of the following villages has become the first one to be 100% solar powered village in Odisha?
    A. Czech Republic
    B. Bolivia
    C. Hungary
    D. Baripatha

    [su_spoiler title=”Answer” icon=”caret”]D. Baripatha[/su_spoiler]
  3. Name the Punjabi singer who was found dead at his residence in Mumbai in October?
    A. Arif Lohar
    B. Dev Dhillon
    C. Labh Janjua
    D. Dilshad Akhtar

    [su_spoiler title=”Answer” icon=”caret”]C. Labh Janjua[/su_spoiler]
  4. Name the former member of International Olympic Committee (IOC) who passed away recently?
    A. Atul Joshi
    B. Abhishek Sharma
    C. Ashwini Kumar
    D. Narendra Sardana

    [su_spoiler title=”Answer” icon=”caret”]C. Ashwini Kumar[/su_spoiler]
  5. Drug major Lupin has appointed whom of the following as its president for its Asia Pacific business?
    A. Louis Rehlek
    B. Fabrice Egros
    C. Fredrick Lupas
    D. Oshwin Dulat

    [su_spoiler title=”Answer” icon=”caret”]B. Fabrice Egros[/su_spoiler]
  6. Who has been nominated by Finance ministry to the board of Reserve Bank of India?
    A. NR Pillai
    B. Ajit Seth
    C. Pradeep Kumar Sinha
    D. Shaktikanta Das

    [su_spoiler title=”Answer” icon=”caret”]D. Shaktikanta Das[/su_spoiler]
  7. Finance ministry has appointed Shaktikanta Das to the board of Reserve Bank of India. He is
    A. Finance Secretary
    B. Economic Affairs Secretary
    C. Principal Secretary to PMO
    D. Cabinet Secretary

    [su_spoiler title=”Answer” icon=”caret”]B. Economic Affairs Secretary[/su_spoiler]
  8. Who has been appointed as the Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission and Secretary, Department of Atomic Energy?
    A. Vijendra Tandon
    B. Ramakrishna Das
    C. Sekhar Basu
    D. Anurag Nanda

    [su_spoiler title=”Answer” icon=”caret”]C. Sekhar Basu[/su_spoiler]
  9. Who has been appointed as the first male member of Delhi based National Commission for Women (NCW)?
    A. Ravi Rathi
    B. Avinash Ahlawat
    C. Alok Rawat
    D. Ravi Nanda

    [su_spoiler title=”Answer” icon=”caret”]C. Alok Rawat[/su_spoiler]
  10. Robert Mugabe has been awarded 2015 Confucius Peace Prize by China. He is
    A. President of Zimbabwe
    B. President of Kazakhstan
    C. President of Myanmar
    D. President of Portugal
    [su_spoiler title=”Answer” icon=”caret”]A. President of Zimbabwe[/su_spoiler]

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