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Chartered Accountants Salary : Campus Placement Mar 2016

Chartered Accountants Salary : Campus Placement Mar 2016

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India had organised another set of Campus Placements for Newly Qualified Chartered Accountants in the month of Feb-March 2015 for those candidates who had attained the Chartered Accountancy Qualification in the CA Final Results which were announced in the month of Jan 2015.


The Placement Program was conducted at 19 Centres across India and the following are the highlights of the same

  1. Highest Chartered Accountants Salary for International Posting was Rs. 30 Lakhs p.a. offered by Tolaram Group Industries to 8 Candidates at Bangaluru & Kolkata Center.
  2. Highest Chartered Accountants Salary for Domestic Posting was Rs. 21.50 Lakhs p.a. offered by Bharti Airtel to 2 Candidates at New Delhi Center.
  3. Avg Chartered Accountants Salary offered was Rs. 7.20 Lakhs p.a. (CTC i.e. Cost to Company).
  4. 90 entities comprising of CA Firms & Companies participated in the Campus Program with a total of 183 Interview Panels being formed.
  5. Total 1370 Candidates were offered a Job in the Campus Placement organised by ICAI in the month of Feb-Mar 2015.

Chartered Accountants were 2 chances of appearing for the campus interviews – first in the bigger cities and if they were not successful in getting recruited at the bigger cities, then they were offered another chance to appear for Campus Placements in the smaller cities. ICAI had also organised an Orientation Program for grooming the soft-skills of all the Candidates.

All the Candidates were also provided e-learning opportunity on 2 topics namely Business Etiquette – Gaining that Extra Edge and Mastering the Interview.

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Brief Synopsis of the Chartered Accountant Salary being awarded in the Campus Program

Particulars Mar 2015 Oct 2014 Mar 2014
No. of Candidates Registered 5591 4809 2625
No. of Candidates Shortlisted 4524 4208 2327
No. of Interview Teams 183 154 136
No. of Organisations 90 86 80
No. of Jobs Offered 1370 1019 717
No. of Jobs Accepted 1253 953 681
Percentage of Jobs offered to Registered Candidates 22.41% 21.19% 27.31%
Percentage of Jobs offered to Shortlisted Candidates 30.28% 24.22% 30.81%

Synopsis of Chartered Accountant Salary

Chartered Accountant Salary No. of Candidates (Mar 15) No. of Candidates (Oct 14) No. of Candidates (Mar 14)
9,00,000 & above 207 201 145
7,50,000 to 9,00,000 164 135 83
6,00,000 to 7,50,000 539 337 254
5,00,000 to 6,00,000 316 246 174
4,00,000 to 5,00,000 17 21 18
3,00,000 to 4,00,000 10 13 7
Total 1253 953 681

The Next Campus Placement Program for Chartered Accountants would be held in the month of Aug-Sept 2015 after the Announcement of May 2015 Attempt Results which are expected to be announced in the third week of July.

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The Schedule for Campus Placements to be held in Aug-Sept 2015 has already been prepared and it would be held across 22 cities in India. The Last Date for Registration for the same is 31st July for 1st Round of Registration for Candidates and 10th Aug for 2nd Round of Registration which is for Bigger Cities only.

The Campus Placement Interviews would be held in different cities on different dates starting from 14th August 2015 and ending on 19th Sept 2015.

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Guidelines to Candidates applying for ICAI Campus Placements Aug-Sept 2015

  1. Only candidates who have cleared both groups of CA Final and will complete their GMCS before 31st Oct 2015 are allowed to appear for the Campus Placements to be held in Aug-Sept 2015.
  2. A Non Refundable Fees of Rs. 250 would be required to be paid by all candidates who are interested in appearing for the campus placements.
  3. A Candidate can appear for Interviews in only 4 organisations irrespective of the fact that he/she is shortlisted by several organisations.
  4. If a candidate is able to clear all rounds of Interviews and the Offer Letter is awarded and accepted by him, then he would not be allowed to appear for any other campus interview.

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According to Reports of 2013 Salaries were like this :


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