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Amendment in IPCC Syllabus For November 2014 Exams

!! ATTENTION About Amendment in IPCC Syllabus For November 2014 Exams!! :- 

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1. Accounting: No changes in the syllabus

2. Business Laws, Ethics and Communication Partial applicability of Companies Act, 2013. . – 53 sections out of 98 sections notified by MCA on 12.09.2013

3. Cost Accounting and Financial Management: No changes in the syllabus

4. Taxation: ST & VAT syllabus has been revised and renamed as Indirect Taxes.
Basic concepts of excise, customs, central sales tax and CENVAT credit have been included.
Coverage of service tax has been widened. For direct tax AY remains the same as applicable for May’14 exams.
You will need to do the relevant notifications/circulars issued up to 30.04.2014.

5. Advanced Accounting No changes in the syllabus.
There will be some minor updates regarding CRR and SLR rates in the banking chapter.

6. Auditing and Assurance No changes in the syllabus

7. Information Technology and Strategic Management:
IT syllabus has been revised.
New topics have been added.
No change in SM.

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