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7 Reasons Why Students Fail In CA Exams

7 Reasons Why Students Fail In CA Exams

In this post, I’m writing the top reasons of why students fails in their Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Cost Accounting exams also providing the remedies to overcome on these problems.

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Friends, now, I’m coming with the new article on “FAILURE OF CA/ CS/ CWA STUDENTS IN THEIR EXAMS”, its little bit annoyed topic, but almost all CA Students have to face this :( [exception excluded]. This is the main reason our CA/ CS/ CWA Course is on the top in the country in commerce fields. Today, I’m compiling one article “the top reasons why students fails in CA, CS, CWA exams and what is the remedy”. Some harsh words are used here, but all the things only for your help.

REASON 1-Carelessness of the student towards their career.

REMEDY- My dear friends, be serious in your study, otherwise you will fell guilty throughout your life even if you do something good elsewhere.

REASON 2-Engaged in other activities during preparation (i.e. social media, Parties, Marriages, other family programes, etc)

REMEDY-All these events can be completed without you.

REASON 3-Late start of study (because we want to become a CA in just by study 2-3 months? friends, this is not possible) [exceptions excluded]

REMEDY-Start your study from the day you registered yourself with your Institute. You will be losing 1 mark every day if you do not study from day 1 (what other important work do you have in hand)

7 reasons why ca students fail in ca exams

REASON 4- Study without proper planning and time allocation for each subject

REMEDY-Just dont take the text book and start reading from the first chapter. Plan your subject your interest, have an overall fell of the book, chapters and their importance. Dont leave any chapter in option.

REASON 5-Ignorance of study materials, suggested and RTP issued by the Institutes.

REMEDY-Study materials is bible first read this and then if required any reference book, particularly theory subject. Suggested are very much helpful in understanding the way institute ask a question. And expect us to answer.

REASON 6-Casual Reading

REMEDY- While reading one should not be casual in approach try to distinguish between similar concept and be clear.

REASON 7-NOT Attending the Classes Properly 

REMEDY- Attending Classes For which you have paid for are most important , If you will not Learn How you Expect you would able to Write the answer in the examination hall.
learn properly , go through the concepts and try to make notes for what you learn , they helps at the end moment.



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