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15 Mistakes Committed by Students in CA Exams

15 Mistakes Committed by Students in CA Exams. CA Exams Are Known for their Tough Results, ICAI Tend to Fail Most of the Students and Only Pass Around 5 to 15%. and Moreover CA Students Tend to Mistake in Papers Which is Not Acceptable on Exams Point of Views. Watch this Video Described Below 15 Mistakes Committed by CA Students and Remember to Share this With Others.

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15 Mistakes Committed by Students in CA Exams

Most Commonly Committed Mistake No. 1

The students tend to panic after the first exam, according to the feedback given to me by my students the May 2015 Accounts exam, at IPCC Group 1 level was slightly lengthy, and because of this the students could not complete it, and therefore the students started panicking. The went home and spent time on a lot of things, wasted time, cribbing to their parents, and then weeping, after wasting a couple of hours they started studying again. Basically, if they had spent the same time revising their topics of law, their marks would have improved.

The point is regardless of how your previous exam went, forget about it, and

start preparing for the next exam, the first exam and the second exam are not related to each other.it has often been noticed that students tend to score more marks in those subjects in which they are afraid and tend to lose marks in their favourite subject.

Most Commonly Committed Mistake No. 2

Spending more time than necessary on a question. In each and every exam, there is at least one question that tends to stretch longer. In May 2014 there was the question of single entry. Children spent more than 1 hr. trying to solve that question, and once they were through, they noticed that they were not left with ample time. Always plan out your time in according to the marks that the question carries, according to my calculation, 1 mark needs anywhere between 1 min to 1.5 mins, not more than that. If you spend more time than necessary on the question, the remaining questions and the paper is bound to suffer.

Most Commonly Committed Mistake No. 3

Not reading the exam instructions carefully, in the beginning of the exam instructions are given, which the students do not read carefully, we had asked the students on our Facebook page, what are the common mistakes committed by them, one of them wrote that he attempted 7 questions instead of 6, the paper was already lengthy, this means that he must have left small bits incomplete in every question, even if he had a great speed, this is a huge mistake, if   ICAI is providing choice in any question to you then please learn how to make the most out of it. The first fifteen minutes must be utilized very carefully, the next common mistake is working notes format and assumptions. These are all a part of your answer, the exam instructions very clearly state that working note are a part of your answer and make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.

Most Commonly Committed Mistake No. 4

Some situations cannot be predicted, emergencies may come up at any time, one such situation was created for some of my students, and there was no electricity supply, now the situation can be molded in 2 ways, negative stress or positive stress. The student could now either curse the electricity board, or simply move to a relative’s place, so the stress you take must be positive, not negative.

Most Commonly Committed Mistake no 5

Lack of proper sleep and proper diet, you must take a good sleep before appearing for the exam, according to me, going with improper sleep to the exam is just like driving a car with a flat tire. Do not skip your food as this may have adverse effect on your health.

Most Commonly Committed Mistake no 6

Do not open up a new study material or new set of notes one day before the examination. In such circumstances you must trust your teacher, whatever he/ she has taught you and from where ever he/she has taught you, study that only. Please revise form only those notes from which you have already prepared and try to keep your efficiency levels high.

Most Commonly Committed Mistake no 7

A very small number students tend to commit this mistake, they forget to carry their admit cards with them. Request your examiner or the ICAI representative to allow you to make a call and meanwhile sit for the examination, it is at the discretion of the member whether you can sit for the exam or not.

Most Commonly Committed Mistake no 8

Reaching late for the examination. This leaves you unable to derive benefit from the reading time given by ICAI and therefore students suffer, so please reach on time.

Most Commonly Committed Mistake no 9

Not paying attention to CPT. Even though students spend a lot of time preparing for the exams, they do not spend the same time on grooming themselves, instead of rushing off to a relative’s place, spend time on grooming yourself, Communication skills, and Personality and Technological skills.

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Most Commonly Committed Mistake no 10
Keeping your mind result-oriented instead of work-oriented and thinking that something wrong will definitely happen instead of staying positive and optimistic

Most Commonly Committed Mistake no 11
Developing the thought of skipping a paper or the whole attempt, just because of the frustration of revising such a vast syllabus.

Most Commonly Committed Mistake no 12
Adopting an “I can’t do this strategy” instead of being brave and believing that “Impossible itself says I m possible”.

Most Commonly Committed Mistake no 13
We believe in skipping the breakfast or lunch with a thought that this would save our time. This reduces our productivity instead.

Most Commonly Committed Mistake no 14
Many students go for not just a cup of coffee but a caffeine overload forget that there’s a big difference between one cup of coffee and 5 or more.

Most Commonly Committed Mistake no 15
the last and 15 Mistakes Committed point is :
The overloaded minds before the exam day forces us to leave things to God. Instead of doing this we can go for a small break instead of locking ourselves indoor and fighting with the stress.

That’s All For 15 Mistakes Committed By CA Students in their CA Exams. Students Are Requested to Share this 15 Mistakes Committed Article and Give your Reviews Regarding this in the Comment Box Below.


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